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March 17, 2005


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The infamous Catcam Superstar Piper was Cat of the Day on October 20, 1999.

Oh Sissy, you made me blush with your announcement and personal email. Thank you very much.

My pleasure. Thanks for the material!

Piper RULES!!!

Thalia made Cat of the Day on Catster.com last year.

I was so proud.

Piper is adorable. Have any more pics of her?

Andophiroxia: Piper lives with Laurence Simon, father of the Carnival of the Cats. Check out her and the rest of the menagerie here.

I saw it. I think Edloe is the most interesting, considering that she's very rotund. I see a lot of Jewish food references, may I venture a guess that Laurence is Jewish?

You may. :)

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