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March 19, 2005


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I am not going to get into who is right or wrong in this case... it should never have become a national issue. But I will strongly - even vehemently - state that doctors will often say the most amazingly stupid things...

"...she enters a peaceful coma, and she gradually passes away, very gently and very peacefully,"

Um.... horse hockey! He's got absolutely zero idea if this is true or not. I worked in hospitals long enough to realize that doctors will spout outrageous crap (I think to make themselves feel better when what they do in the line of medicine is actually painful). It is possible she will die peacefully - it is also possible that she will die horribly - we don't know because we can't get inside her mind to find out what she actually feels or if she knows what's happening.

I remember watching doctors work on preemie babies with no anesthetic... as the infant's muscles all contorted, mouth open in a silent scream of anguish (because of breathing tubes) - the doctors always calmly assured everyone that the baby could feel nothing... yeah right and I have a scalpel I'd like to stab you with right now.

I'd have far more respect for them if they would admit that they really don't know what the patient feels - all or nothing. But for them to pontificate that the damage will keep her from feeling anything - well unless they've become mind readers - they are just full of it.

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