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March 02, 2005


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Hmn... Hmn... (that's the rare double "hmn...")

All of the above makes perfect sense if one assumes that the MSM is monolithically Liberal/Left. But, someone (not me) made the observation long ago that newspapers and radio stations are rarely owned by barefoot hippies. Growing up in the NY Metro area I always thought that the local papers (and there used to be dozens) were pretty evenly divided between Right and Left and hybrid (pro-Viet Nam but pro-Labor Union, etc.). Prior to that the big chains like Hearst could be and would be anti-New Deal, etc.

The choice of Walter Matthau from "Front Page" as the cover illo to that NR issue is revealing, since it illustrates that maybe most MSM is neither Right nor Left, but is whatever they think their buyers want to read/hear/see. "Give the people what they want."

This would also explain why most MSM is neither Left nor Right but Trivia. The coming of age of cable news wasn't Iran-Contra, it was O.J. Simpson. I guarantee you, for every minute of Left or Right Opinion currently being aired we are going to see 5 minutes of the Michael Jackson Trial.

Excellent and an encouraging summation.

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