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February 17, 2005


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Holy smokies!!! May I swoon at your feet? You got an email from Peggy Noonan in response to your post! (I have never blogged about her work... but still... WOW)

I think I rather agree with you about your second point. It's very very very difficult to be objectively critical about an entity that pays your salary - even if that is supposed to be your job.

Also, may I add, I think newspapers would be better served by hiring one or two people to peruse blogs, looking for blogger reaction to stories and bringing it to the attention of the powers that be when they find it to be applicable.

Now I realize that not all criticism is right or fair - but, I think the news organizations should take advantage of what is out there for all eyes to see. After all - one single blogger seldom, if ever, catches more than a few of the gaffes that are printed. While the current blogosphere offers up people with wide ranges of expertise that can and do critique news articles.

Not to mention that unfair criticism can also take root and do damage if left unchecked... (see many MSM articles about the military for details)

I think the fundamental mistake Ms. Noonan makes is the assumption that the blogoshphere needs a blogger who not only passed the J-school smell test but also is highly regarded in the MSM for reportage.

First, what publisher/editor is going to wake up tomorrow and reverse engineer their mindset and target their own house?

Second, what top gun is going to become a one-person rat squad? No, it would have to be a purposeful defection, a la Bernie Goldberg and then all ties are cut anyway.

So far that hasn't happened. No inside hot shot at CBS broke the real Rather/Mapes story. Nope, not a one. Even ideological competitors can't deal with it, see WSJ/Stephens on Eason Jordan.

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