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February 22, 2005


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I don't often read Kevin's stuff, it's usually a time issue. But I had some extra and clicked over to read this. Here's what caught my eye...

"Only to this extent: the reason I suggested that women are turned off by the "fundamental viciousness" of blogging and opinion writing is because many women have told me this"

I just can't resist... the mom in me has taken over and I remember statements like this from my kids... So, my response would be - "How many is many?"

Hmm . . . . well, the fine line often exists mainly in the mind of the wit-spewer. "I was just kidding!" "Can't you take a joke?" "My irony was obviously too subtle for you." etc. ;)

Maybe it's the lack of visible body language and incongruous facial expressions that causes the confusion? LOL

I wouldn't classify Meryl as "rightwing." Except on Israel. She's your standard feminist social liberal.

Thanks for the correction,Yehudit.

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