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February 21, 2005


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There were probably no other liberal cat bloggers out there... Or far more likely, Drum is the only blogger that the MSM had ever heard of... they thought his cat blogging was cute (even though he wasn't doing it anymore) wanted a puff piece, and called him. Heaven forbid they actually go looking around to see what is really going on! (that would be like... work)

Absolutely. Fat and lazy.

I am so sorry I read that entire comment thread.

And really, what is the point of rehashing the same subject every six months or so when it never EVER changes? Is it something in their biological clock that says "oh, six months are up. Let's write again about how there are no good women bloggers, even though there ARE and I'm just too lazy/stupid/ignorant/sexist to find them or I just don't think they are worth my time because they have a vagina!"

The NYT called me about Friday catblogging because I was the person who started it. That's all.

You're right that I missed Michele, though. I'll fix it.

As for why I wrote about this, that's obvious, isn't it? It was because of the recent Kinsley/Estrich dustup. Since the blogosphere doesn't have the same traditional barriers to entry of the op-ed page, it makes an interesting comparison.

Men's minds are just more interesting to more people. They're willing to ignore others' opinions, and they make the best original thinkers.

Margaret Mead, Virginia Woolfe, Hillary Clinton: great at cataloging data and making reasonable conclusions from the universe of data.

While Einstein, Jesus and Hunter Thompson could step into out-of-the-body states to capture genius.

Mailer's image of women being generationally speaking boxes within boxes like those Russian dolls, while men are born orphans and therefore free to roam fits my own conclusions.

But who would choose that kind of isolation? Women feel the warmth of the hearth and family.

We all have a price to pay for our gifts.

Hey, John Denton, it may be time to break out of your Pauline Kael bubble. All of your examples of so-called women (Hillary Clinton?) are from the left side of the aisle. They are hobbled by rigid adherence to Marxist analysis and don't really count, in my book. May I politely suggest you consider, for starters, Sally Baliunus, Margaret Thatcher -- and, oh, yes, Condi Rice -- before you dismiss us gals out of hand? The women of the right are much more interesting than any we know of on the left. Why don't you give us a try?

Oh, and one more thing, John: Margaret Mead was snookered by those Samoan honeys. They told her what she wanted to hear. She was your typical clueless Noble-Savage, Blank-Slate liberal.

I will be reading your blog as long as the inimitably beautiful Babe graces your pages! That you happen to be a fellow female of the species means little - it all comes down to CAT LOVERS who write brilliantly!

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