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February 17, 2005


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Yes. The uncovering of little known information and freedom to express ideas in the market place of public information is the great gift from the blogs. Our thanks to those like Malkin who lead the way and to those like Noonan who glimpse a light and struggle to understand.

Why Noonan thinks someone has to travel over from the MSM to further legitimize blog journalism is hard to figure. I guess she is just saying that even someone who comes up in the stilted and bias-ridden world of the MSM can have a light-bulb go off in their head and realize that they could do a lot more if they didn't have to contend with the MSM's truth-hating news filters. Realistically though, the people who have the ideological bonafides to get hired by the MSM in the first place are the last people who are going to have any light bulbs going off.

A couple of rebel girls managed to get in before the MSM realized, to their shock and dismay, that not all women are politically correct. Michelle and Debra Saunders at the SF Chronicle are examples, but the Chronicle closed that loophole by promoting its next female columnist from within (Joan Ryan, a reliable lefty ex-sportswriter who auditioned for the opinion page by writing about the immorality of SUV drivers). The San Jose Mercury News did the same thing, promoting reliable lefty ex-sportswriter Anne Killion (an excellent sportswriter by the way) to write ideological trash in other sections of the paper. The upshot is, don't expect another Debra or Michelle to come out of the MSM.

The only actual conversion I can think of is John Stossell. Any other examples?

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