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February 01, 2005


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Liberal Democrats equal Intellectual Morons. That says it all.

As much of an asshat as he is, I can't believe kerry said that.

I read yesterday that he hoped the media doesn't "hype" the election; make more of it than it 'really' is. What a buzzkill that man is; the antithesis of joy... and more - a man who commiserates with terrorists.

Well said, Pam.

What the?????! My views I guess if one wanted to simplify things and force someone into a category are as "liberal" as they come, but I really can't for the life of me understand what Senator Kerry was thinking - and I begrudge agreeing with you on this, but to put it simply 'that ain't right'. At least I can take solace in the irony of goomp's comment.

Anyway, about the cartoon . . . I don't get it.

Just try not to broad brush people and assume that just because John Kerry said something means that everyone like me feels that way. That's a mistake that Rush Limbaugh makes all too often when talking about liberals and Democrats as if we all had one collective mind, and it's cause many misunderstandings and misconceptions. Run that quote by anyone like me and they'll also express the sentiment that I have.

Wow, you're just a straight up liar. Those quotes are nowhere in the article. I took you on your word that those quotes were accurate, and since I've never registered with the Washington Post, I couldn't check it, but thanks to you I did just register with it and neither of those quotes are anywhere in either of those articles. What's wrong with you?

Yah. I secretly work in the Subscriptions Department of the Post.

Darn it! I've fallen victim, yet again, to another marketing ploy! Oh woe is me!

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