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February 10, 2005


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Oh good heavens... that's the kind of travel days I have! I always figure if the drive is 6 hours or less - it's faster to go by car. It's a tougher call when it's about 8-10 hours though. :-)

The return trip, on the other hand, went like clockwork and ended in a turbulent, heartstopping landing where we never saw anything out the window -- not even the wing at times -- but white cloudiness till we were just feet from the tarmac. I was reminded -- as always upon touchdown -- of what a pilot sitting beside me on a small plane flying from Hong Kong to Singapore once told me about landings: They're nothing but "controlled skids."

On the way out of the plane this afternoon, the pilot was there, wishing us well. I told him it had been thrilling, brilliant, and he beamed. Those flyboys are real pistons!

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