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February 18, 2005


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First, I agree that this is a very smart thing that CNN's doing. On Fox, Brit Hume's "Grapevine" is not explicitly culled from blogs but those of us "in it" know that it is. He is citing bloggers more and more.

I didn't see the Kurtz/Rothenberg exchange, but reading that bit I'm almost embarassed for him. I picture him with his fingers in his ears, kicking his legs in high-chair. Big baby.

It's not that blogs are the most important thing in the world but if you're in the media you have to read the big ones (Insta, Jarvis, CQ, the big Lefty sites, and of course sisu). Or continue to reel everytime a story breaks on blogs and then play catch up. Which makes you "toast."

Even better, see Jack Shafer's latest column. (Scroll to the 3rd item.)

Newspaper reporters who barricade themselves behind doors manned by security guards and screen calls with Caller ID tend to lose contact with their readers—and more important, what their readers know. Blogs reconnect journalists with readers by reminding them how closely they're read outside the newsroom. I agree with Powers that most independent bloggers don't have the resources or skills for "heavy journalistic lifting," as he puts it. But what he misses, I think, is the fact that 1) the skills can be quickly learned by bright, well-read people; and 2) the Internet has leveled the resources playing field. Thanks to the Web and affordable databases, today's blogger has more information at his fingertips than the best investigative reporter at the Washington Post could acquire after a week's work at the Library of Congress.

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