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February 26, 2005


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I will admit I covet that painting...

Chris: If I had two of those paintings, I'd give you one. :)

I just tossed the last of our National Geos -- last week's recycling pick-up, in fact. I got rid of the bulk of them during a garage sale two summers ago. I put them all out in the front yard with a sign that said "$0.10 each, but FREE if you take all of them." A Hispanic father with kids in tow asked me in broken English if the sign meant what he thought it meant. It did, so he took them all off. I like to think that there are some Mexican kids out there who know a lot about the world as it existed between 1983 and 1991.

Oh my, we have tons of old National Geographics too. If we do move, we'll have to figure out if we want to keep any.

Love the painting at the top and really love the last pic! A house with character... deep appreciative sigh (I might not have a house like that, but I love looking at other people's *grin*)

Hey Sissi & Tuck,
More and newer artwork can be seen by Maureen O'Connor (me)at the Mayor's Gallery, Boston City Hall thru March 31.
Also work (newer) can be seen on line at moartnow.com
The reception for the Mayor's gallery is March 8th, 5-6:30pm.


Awesome. Check out our new post, Maureen.

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