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February 26, 2005


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Excellent work, Sissy. Next time you are in Washington you should drive by 1806 Eye Street. The Alibi Club is an unassuming little brick building wedged between much larger buildings. I'm sure that its members do not appreciate that we have just "outed" the place to the blogosphere!

Will do. Hard to believe the folks at the National Register of Historic Places don't know who designed the thing. What about the history of its inhabitants? Probably out there, and we're still on the case. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.

So, uh...

...When do we get the results back from W's initiatives?

Where's the results-based funding he promised for schools?

Where's the results-testing for faith-based programs?

Where's the results?

How can something be results-based if when it gets down to it, what he says never happens?

I want results. Where's W's?

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