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January 19, 2005


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Against my better judgment, I'm giving you the answer that popped into my head first: Of course you blog like a girl - intelligently, with depth of thought, reasonably, with well-founded logical arguments, and with an artful style.

Life would be so dull if men and women were the same, but difference does not mean inequality. It's interesting that the poll at the 'local6' link above is split almost evenly on whether Summers' remarks were offensive, or not.

You're so right, Donna. I enjoy blogging like a girl! :)

An acquaintance of mine who teaches Psych at a prominent university told me thathe treats all questions about innate differences like a Silent But Deadly Fart by the university president;i.e. "Ignore it and hold your breath and maybe it will go away".The only work I know in this area is by Benbow and Stanley-a couple of psychologists who were at Hopkins.They found about 90% of 12 year olds with "innate very superior"math skills were male.The study relied on finding kids who scored 700 or more on the SAT math section who obviously hadn't had classwork in the area.I think it was in Science and it is 20 or so years old.It's a touchy subject.

This is weird. ScrappleFace is a joke site. It "reports" nothing. Are you taking anything from there as a news report?

The quote from the MIT biology professor is real (ie, reported someplace other than ScrappleFace). Be aware, however, that at MIT the biology department is only tenuously associated with the sciences. It's also the only department at MIT with statistically significant numbers of female students. Or it was when I was there, which was a while back.

I've been in science and engineering for nearly thirty years and have yet to hear any references to fingernails, or anything remotely like "you research like a girl" [there's that ScrappleFace again - it only appears in ScrappleFace if it's too ridiculous to be true]. "Insecure misogynists" (watch that spelling!) just doesn't come into it - that's a feminist fantasy, mere institutionalized misandry. "Smart" and "dumb" don't come into it, either. Women are simply not a factor in engineering, and only a minor one in science. This is a disappointment to me personally. I funded a series of awards to encourage talented students, including women - as I made very clear to the departmental awards committee when I started it - to pursue engineering professionally, but many years later I'm not at all sure that I did any of them any favors.

As per the last comment:

See this, for example, for nearly up to date numbers (2001): http://www.nsf.gov/sbe/srs/nsf04311/start.htm , where you can see that in 2001 women had this percentage of Ph.D.s in the following areas:

Engineering - 16.9%
Physical sciences - 24.6%
Earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences - 31.6%
Mathhematics and computer science - 23.5% (and most of that hit is from CS not math, I am fairly certain)
Biological/agricultural sciences - 43.5% (at the bachelor's level, women outnumber men in this area)
Pscyhology - 67.1%

it isnt relevant but this one comes from india.yes you blog like a girl, very elegantly and wholeheartedly, with all of yourself and with amazing grace.
for those who say gender challenged-ness is a figment of leftist feminist barren imagination i say only this: get real dudes and dudesses.
and it thrives across classes borders and worlds first third fourth fifth. a long standing relationship with the biggest boldest tells me all i need to know about just what the average free and just and enlightened american man thinks of others of the human species.
thank the preznit for one can only respond with: bring 'em on...

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