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January 26, 2005


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I can't believe I'm about to do this, but I'm going to defend HRC here for a second.

The "pro-life" side of the abortion divide has a schism that has been papered over for political purposes. That schism is between who are against surgical abortions and believe them to be "murder," and those who will not brook any interference with conception (the anti-condom crowd in its purest sense, or the people who are against "morning after" contraception because they believe that the divine act occurs when sperm meets egg). The ugly truth is that it may be possible to reduce surgical abortions a lot with much better education and much freer deployment of contraceptives. Many European countries with much more liberal sex ed and more convenient contraceptives have lower rates of surgical abortion than the United States. This is a truth that the pro-life side is scarcely willing to breathe.

I therefore think that while HRC's point is smart politically in that she is seeking to divide the anti-abortion crowd, it is also a legitimate position to take. Indeed, it is very close to my point of view. Died in the wool Hillary-haters will say that she is cynical (did you just do that?:)), but I think this is one position she is adopting sincerely.

I hope you don't hate me now!

I could never hate you -- your analyses are always thought provoking -- but I do think you're naive to think Hillary is adopting a position -- ANY position -- sincerely. :) Like a broken clock, she may be correct twice a day.

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