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January 20, 2005


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I've decided that I am at peace with the Ecosystem. Anything else is just too stressful!

I was disheartened about my blog's ranking, until I stopped looking it up every day. Made me feel a whole lot better!

It's not how many people read you or link to you. It's important that the *right* people read and link.

Yeah. I used to have something like 144 links logged to my site, now its dropped to 28.

I used to be primate or a monkey or something. Now I'm a bird.

The Bear giveth and the Bear taketh away I 'spose.

I pretty much just keep on truckin'

Blessed be the name of the Bear.

The ways of the Ecosystem are mysterious.

My graphs on the ecosystem look like a bad roller coaster design... and the number of links just keeps dropping and dropping.

I just have fun with it - I can't figure out how any of it works (and even though I'm a geek I will admit this *grin*) so I look every once in a while, but not all the time. I wonder if it's become too complicated for NZ Bear to figure out too...

Well, I started out as a Crawly Amphibian, then I got changed to Slithering Reptile. I figured one of my ex-wives had something to do with that. Then I got promoted to Flappy Bird, and I was happy not to be a snake any more. Now I'm an Adorable Little Rodent. What's that, a cute rat with a nice personality? Someone left a note on my site that he knew how to manipulate N.Z. Bear to show more traffic, but he never told me how. Don't you hate when that happens?

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