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January 20, 2005


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I love that speech. I love that I could sit in the comfort of my home and listen to it, that it was delivered by a man who meant it. Heck, my simple self just feels honored to be an American today. ;)

I am in awe of what I have read so far. The late Dr King with his monumental oral skills and deep moral standing would be proud of what our president said today, as should any American who values freedom & liberty.

But sis, I think the problem for many of our weak-kneed blue brethren is in your final statement - the concept of America's mission. They don't accept there is a mission. Therein lies the difference between blindered comfort, and the burning discomfort of a vision to be achieved.

We have a man who is willing to risk all his standing for that vision, regardless of the criticisms and denunciations of those less clear. He is a strong man, worthy of the post we have given him.

Sissy - I just bolted out of my college painting class - livid - because my a$$bag professor thought it his place to rant to the entire class for a good 5 minutes about how horrible today is and how horrible the man at the center of this 'ostentatious, unthinkable' party. Arrrrgh!

I'm so very thankful you're here - posting this wonderful post - it's a very necessary repose for me right now. :)

I'm here for you, beautiful woman, always. Your professor sounds like a real loser. Arrrrghhh!

Thanks. I'm getting by by taking lots and lots of little 'breaks'. All the things said about hideously liberal college campuses - true, true, true!

EGADS! Willows plight sounds horrible. Why does an art prof think he/she can bloviate during class time? If some students want to hear his opinions outside of class that is fine, but Willow, aren't you paying for art instruction? And if he is taking time to espouse his personal opinions isn't he stealing instruction you've paid for from you? Can you speak to the department head privately and complain?

Its enough to make you despise academia and use online courses to teach yourself.

Well, not horrible, Michael, though it's terribly terribly annoying. Actually I should be used to it by now. Which is sad. And you've hit the nail on the head exactly - we pay for art instruction. Period. Sorry, Sissy, I feel like this is hijacking the comments section for something completely unrelated to your original post, because the point of my first comment was immense gratitude to read it after my prof's little diatribe.

Even the point of a political science or current affairs class is to get students to debate amongst themselves to explore these issues, with the prof guiding by asking provocative questions. I've had classes like that - they were great (and I got lucky, as you'll see). We argued a lot and I learned much. My belief system ultimately changed very little, but I learned how to communicate my beliefs and have a friendly debate. So, my prof had acheived his objective. And still, at the end of the semester, I wasn't sure of his political persuasion. Why? That's because he realized the point of class was for us to learn how we felt about things, not for us to learn how he felt.

And that's what is so inappropriate about my prof's behavior. He even made up a ruse, before he became unglued, about wanting to create a forum so we could communicate with each other about things that were important to us - news of the day, that kind of thing. And then, basically, he proceeded to dump his own personal frustration on us. Period. If he were extolling the virtues of, I dunno, the second amendment (which I believe in wholeheartedly) I still would have thought it as inappropriate. He most certainly was not 'creating a forum so we could share' - he was bloviating his own agenda to a captive audience who've paid good money to learn about something totally unrelated and who depend on him for a grade. That's called 'indoctrination'. And that pisses me off.

The chair will most certainly hear from me once I'm out of the class, and my prof will hear from me first - if he approaches me about it, which I think he will do. I was pretty upset. I'd like at least to give him that chance to correct his behavior, because in spite of that moronic episode, I do think he cares about his students. And yes, I take as many classes online as I possibly can! :)

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