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January 18, 2005


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The Libs just don't get it. At the end of the day, truth and honor and character are what count in this world.

Do you really believe in left and right politics? I am a spectator interested in your opinion. Please don't attack me for asking you this question. Politics is like sports where people have strong opinions about their opponents and the scary thing is they believe in everything they say about the other, not willing to see their own weaknesses.

Dear Spectator...if you are a spectator, then you are a bystander. Some make things happen. Others watch things happen.

That's beautiful, but I am still waiting for an answer. Human psychology is very interesting. Seeing your website as well as websites by others (left and right as they call themselves) makes me want to work harder to find an answer to my question.

You said something "interesting": "Some make things happen. Others watch things happen." Do you believe you you change how others think by reading your website, your work? Aren't you just preaching to the choir?

You say "Aren't you just preaching to the choir?" Access to this blog is not limited in any fashion. The writer is preaching to anyone who chooses to listen, yourself for example. Somehow I suspect you aren't a member of the choir. And yes, the collective of these writers,known as the blogoshpere, do make things happen. For example, they caused the long-past-due departure of Dan Rather.

I should point out to you Spectator that Suzi is a commenter - Sissy writes the blog - just a small point in case you missed it. (I'm going by your second post)

Sissy, I have to say that Condi Rice is one of the few world famous people I would truly love to meet and have lunch with. She is a fascinating woman.

It always strikes me as extremely funny that she is exactly what women's lib and equal rights wonks have been striving for over the years. Yet many of those same people seek to tear her down. You'd almost think that they didn't really want women and minorities to succeed now wouldn't you. *grin*

Get Condi-Naste a dictionary!

Thanks for pointing that out, Teresa. I do wish commenters would read more carefully. I totally agree re Condi -- she leaves her carping critics in the dust.

I just happened by (part of the InstaLanche) and saw your comments. Weblogs provide a mechanism for two dynamics (at the very least). One, they provide a forum for common sense and logic to be presented by clear thinkers as a defense against nonsense and illogic. Two, they provide a forum for smarmy, pseudo intellectuals to reveal their weaknesses and inanities in semi-permament form. Common sense and logic are powerful forces that in small, constant doses will erode even the most monumental ignorance. When coupled with exposure to the whining and inanities of muddled thinking, the process is accelerated.


I suggest you read Thomas Sowell's "A Conflict of Visions" for a good description of the intellectual mechanisms that underlay the Left/Right division in Western politics.

On the hearings, it is very amusing to see the likes of Kerry and Boxer, who have been on the losing end of every foreign policy debate of the last 30 years, lecture Rice. Had we followed their council, the Soviet Union might still be knocking around.

"I don't expect you to impugn my integrity, Senator Boxer."

Why not? It's an obvious line of attack. What, exactly, does she expect Boxer to say?

The 9/11 attack was obvious enough, too. I'd predicted something much like it (due to the weakness of air security, in particular - a weakness which continues today), Tom Clancy had predicted a similar scenario, a bunch of Bosnian Serbs had threatened a similar attack, but Rice later called it "unimaginable" (I think that was the word she used).

I'm concerned that Rice may not be imaginative enough for the job. Tired old rote responses to every question and every crisis are good enough for the current crop of Dems, which is perhaps the major reason why they're being hammered everywhere, and why old loyalists like me have abondoned the party.

Another part of the Instalanche here. I notice Glenn referenced Kos' (no member of this "choir," to be sure) comment that Kerry would have been an unmitigated disaster as president. Once a lefty has admitted it, it's all over. The amazing thing to me (a lifelong former lefty) is that approx. 57 million Americans actually voted for that self-important empty suit full of treasonous platitudes. Mind-boggling.

Great site!

Instalanche! Good job!

Spectator, if you're still around, what do you mean by "beleive" in left & right politics? I don't understand your question.
Nor Hamlon

Sorry Sissy, you usually are quick with responses. I thought it was you who responded.

(Nor, If you're still around.)
What I mean with "right and left politics?"
I didn't go in to detail b/c I thought everyone knew what I was talking about. Liberal left calls others who don't agree with them "rightwing wackos" and the same with conservatives who call the left: "leftwing lunatics." (Sorry I couldn't think of better examples.)

My question is do you believe in this generalization? Is life or politics so simple that everyone fits into categories?

condoleezza rice is the "ONLY" one in Washington that can "Eat corn through a picket fence"!
With those "Choppers"

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