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January 23, 2005


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As a member of the ancient so-called "greatest generation" of Brokaw, I am amazed at the ignorance of history and of human behavior of the supposedly educated of his generation. We can be thankful for a leader of Bush's understanding and only hope the American people undestand and forego the influence of the so called intellectuals of the Brokow generation.


" And this is its axiom: We will support democracy everywhere, but we will commit blood and treasure only in places where there is a strategic necessity -- meaning, places central to the larger war against the existential enemy, the enemy that poses a global mortal threat to freedom."

So we'll pay lip service where it doesn't benefit us, and send in the troops when we have some strategic reserves to gain control of?

Yup, that sounds exactly like the Project for the New American Century. It's precisely the reason we invaded Iraq and left Sudan to fester.

Hey, did ya'll notice how Soros' actions in Eastern Europe have helped create two revolutions of democracy?

Krauthammer did, and then claimed credit for 'em. And he even brought back that great word.

"The great democratic crusade undertaken by this administration is going far better than most observers will admit."

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