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January 05, 2005


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What an unusual discussion! As a confirmed member of the hairy heterosexual sub-species, I have a few comments. But I can't make them. Nothing I can think of would be PC enough to say!

Hey, Tom. Ici ons parle non-pc. Speak your mind. :)


Evolutionary? What, at some point it was the male doing this? Did males get sick of the whole thing and say, 'hell, let the females do this'?

My faith in the theory of evolution goes only just so far, and I doubt Darwin said much on such hardcore sexual chore-juggling. If I'm wrong, enlighten me. Otherwise, you probably meant to say 'biologically'.

None of this has much bearing on the main thrust of your argument, of course.


Hey, Jeff, I'm talking about how female and male evolved . . . evolution, dontchaknow. Females evolved as the bearers and caretakers, while males evolved as . . .

I love these types of people. It's like the best kind of conspiracy theories. Every piece of empirical reality is twisted into a sexist and homophobic plot. Doesn't seem able to consider that the simplest explanation is the most likely one. Women want to look good to attract a (male) mate.

The problem is that these arguments are so silly that they are generally viewed as harmless. Then 30 years later half the University faculty is post modernist, and degrees in the humanities are usually worthless.

i think women try to look good to impress other women, not men.

if they did all of that stuff to attract men, they would end up looking like hookers or porn stars.

in their hearts, whether they admit to it or not, women probably know that they can get a man's interest by being willing to have sex.

men on the otherhand, use what women are interested in to attract women, mostly displaying thier wealth, status, popularity, or willingness to be supportive. notice how looks don't play much into those things.

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