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December 29, 2004


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Looking at mankind's attempts at living in peace is not very encouraging. Europe in the big picture is a continuous series of wars between states. Only after the our nation, the USA, became the world's first and freest democracy did a somewhat less hostile world develop in Europe. However, they contiually regress and really don't understand what makes freedom work. Unfortunately, many in this country are not taught our history, and we are on a slippery slope that could lead to a loss of freedom and a fascist state.


There you go again with that subtle undercurrent of Christian philosophy. But it does seem to model the world and humanity most perfectly doesn't it?

Post-moderns, aka liberals, aka Progressives will never be able to admit the potential evil in themselves & therefore in the world because: (1) it would require acknowledging the existence of a force they cannot explain or control, and (2) it would require a humility and honesty they don't posses because they cannot allow themselves to think of themselves as anything other than being equal with God (3) it would require them to no longer be the perfect beings they are (ok this last one is satiric).

It is difficult to explain the world and its happenings without the concept of evil in my opinion. Yet we see its counterpart everyday in the actions of people who overcome it in order to whats good and right. The struggle is in our souls, and my own belief is that the Christian model of good & evil, with its doctrines of repentence, forgiveness & sanctification, is the most complete in freeing us to become the people we were intended to be.


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