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December 07, 2004


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Sissy -- My comments are here. I said that blogs right now are almost wholly parasitic on MSM, which is certainly true. We read, we respond. That's the standard M.O., although there are notable exceptions. (See LGF's and INDC Journal's work during the Rathergate thing, for instance.)

In any case, Gerard Vanderleun says blogs will eventually evolve from a reactive to active medium and I think he's right about that. Check out his post; it's fascinating stuff.

Beautiful kitties, by the way.

The Lord God Omnipotens reigneth. Alleluijah, Alleluijah, Alleluijah.

As someone who is regularly "out on the street digging up stories," it's nice to finally see some debate on this topic. I'm a firm believer that pretty much all "media", from MSM to the 'sphere, are biased to one degree or another. It's not the bias I find "crushingly boring," it's the previously noted reactive nature of most blogs. There's value there, but I think most of us can pretty much stand in the other guys' shoes when we want/need to see things from another perspective. The really distasteful thing about a lot of what passes for "news" or "commentary" is the bald propagandist nature of what gets put out there, which does more to skew the truth than to reveal it.

I'm biased, therefore I am. The first step is to acknowledge our human nature to take sides and then move on from there to debate the pros and cons of the issues that engage our hearts and minds. Be sure to check out the article Allah references, Wallace. (Thanks for stopping by. I've missed you terribly.): Building the Perfect Beast: What Is to Be Done in the Blogosphere

I read it, I read it, I really did! It was like a breath of fresh air wafting over my PJs.

Missed you too. Glad to be back.


I love the lighting in these pictues. It's like kitties performing rituals - and the less we know the better ...

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