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December 03, 2004


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Sisu is testament that the beauty of Norman's muse is not only skin deep.

Heh. I knew Ann Coulter in law school -- I was a third year at Michigan Law School when Ann was a first year. She showed up at my group house at some party we were throwing in the fall of 1985 on the arm of some guy who knew one of my housemates. Thereafter I ran into her a fair amount over the next year, generally at the Michigan Union. Dinesh D'Souza, who was a year or two out of Dartmouth at the time and doing something internish in the Reagan Administration (as I recall), would materialize from time to time and we would sit around talking righty politics quite loudly, to the annoyance of people at surrounding tables. My wife, who at the time was merely my girlfriend and quite the lefty, I might add, was convinced that Ann had a "thing" for me, but being a complete lunkhead I did not notice at the time.

In any case, in the intervening 18 years the following has transpired: First, Ann has not changed in any obvious way. She still speaks the same way, and has retained many of the turns of phrase that were her stock in trade at age 22, and I laugh out loud when I see her on TV. Second, my wife has travelled an enormous distance politically, is now (if anything) to the right of me (she is definitely more conservative on social issues). Third, my wife has become a big fan of Ann's (she has already read How to talk to a Liberal), and she gave me the talking Ann Coulter doll for Christmas last year. Fourth, I still swap emails with Ann, probably a couple of times a year. She has, on occasion, read TigerHawk!

So there you have it.

You namedropper, you. Totally awesome!

That stupid idiotic Indian girl and all the people like her don't even fathom how they show their incapability to enjoy the precious gift of life. For all of them the world is oh-so-wrong and everything sooo bad and, of course, it is all the fault of the US. I pity them. Although we have a few of those down here (actually only a small minority as sour as them) we Mexicans enjoy life a lot; in an international survey we ended up in one of the top positions with about 80% of the respondents saying they are happy with their lives. AND WE LIVE RIGHT BESIDE THE US! We should be the grimmest people in the world, we should be oh-so-miserable! Hahaha. Well, we don't buy that BS, and most of us are quite happy most of the time. They are losers, idiots, I actually pity them, must be horrible to be always feeling bad about something. Uggg. Very unhealthy for your soul, mind and body too. Well, may God bless all of the happy people in the world :)

I love your attitude, Miguel. Gracias. :)

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