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December 18, 2004


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You've only been doing this for a year? You are very mature for your age. And I mean that as a compliment. I go back to the early Pleistocene, around 2000. And it is wicked fun, ain't it?

Thanks for your lovely note, Prop. Before I started, I'd been devouring blogs for several years, even before 9/11, beginning with Drudge, Lucianne and then Andrew Sullivan, who has become a bit too bitter for my tastebuds these days. And yes, wicked fun. :)

Indeed! And thanks for the link and the kind note about my father.

My pleasure, Jack.

I feel that we basically have Three Waves of Blogging.

The First Wave were those hearty souls who hand coded or used generic web software like GoLive, FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc.

The Second Wave was for people who read the articles in WIRED about Blogger or LiveJournal or other dedicated tools and decided to try them out. Also you have the early, buggy versions of roll-your own tools like MovableType and GrayMatter.

The Third Wave was those folks post-9/11, warbloggers, etc. who were impelled by world events. For them there was all of the above; better versions of MT and better dedicated hosts such as TypePad, the Google version of Blogger, Manila, and so on.

I just love overly-simplistic explanations, don't you?

You leave me breathless. Because I trust you implicitly, I will share my own pre-blogging FrontPage attempt:

News so good it won't be mentioned. Interesting that my first post in that pitiful attempt was nearly identical to my first one using the TypePad tool:

The tidings that dare not speak their name. The impulse was there, just waiting for the technology.

In summary, at least in my own case, it wasn't world events per se that impelled me. I was ready to go, having snail-blogged with notated clippings for years. It was the technology that allowed me to fly.

And YES. I adore overly-simplistic explanations. They are the only kind worth listening to. :)

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