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November 02, 2004


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I am ashamed of the VP, comparing a pig to Kerry. What an insult to our pigs.

I don't think Mary Kay has a line of lip color for our four-legged friends...I'll get back to you...



McCain used the same line...

Republicans are pathetic, listen, its not what people call you its what you respond to and what you interpret and its clear they took this thing and ran! Everybody knows he did not call this lady a pig, but because the country is so in love with her they got offended for her. Listen Republicans, learn how to interpret who the enemies of our country is then you'll be able to figure out who the "pigs" are! Obama for President '08!!!

I am ashamed of " Christians " calling each other names and lying through their teeth.
All of them, no matter what letter is beside their name.
Shame on every single one of you who do that. This is not the Christianity I was taught, and it is certainly not what our Lord and Savior would want from us.

God Bless all Americans, rich and poor, people of color and of all faiths.

It sure looks like America is dire need of his blessings at this moment.

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