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November 10, 2004


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While on the one hand they have an image as left-over hippies with a lot of '60s Utopian looney-ness, on the other the Dutch have a well-deserved reputation for pragmatism. After all, their country physically depends on everyone working together to fight the elements.

(During the Arab Oil Embargo in the early 1970s they remained on our side and simply made sure everyone had access to bicycles!)

As for being referred to as capable of "Hitler speech", that is a gross insult to a country that was invaded, occupied and terrorized by the real Nazis.

Your reader Adam's knowledge of dutch is somewhat limited. With phrases like 'Krijg het rollen' you would only get confused looks. It doesn't mean a thing.

Well, zutman, what WOULD a Netherlander say? Don't leave us hanging.

Hi Sissy, it's hard to translate the exact ring of 'let's roll' (we didn't have 9/11 style hijackings of course), but 'Kom mee, we gaan stront eten' sounds best to me. It literally translates to: 'Come and let's beat the shit [out of them].'

Hey, Mr. Z, check this out:

Let's translate!

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