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November 23, 2004


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Gee, Sissy, if I didn't know better, I would have thought you were a blue-stater disparaging those ignorant morons who don't agree with you. In all honesty, that is what you come across like in this post. I agree with the theory of natural selection, but it is still an unproven theory, tho widely accepted by those in the field. That means there are others who can disagree and if they provide evidentiary arguments, they shouldn't be dismissed as too stupid to grasp scientific thought.

BTW, while I believe natural selection does impact species evolution over time, I do not believe any amount of time or natural selection will make a 1-celled slug into a human being. To me, it's like saying a rock, over time & with the right weather and atmospheric conditions, can become the Golden Gate bridge. It can become alot of things over time, but it aint ever going to be the GGB, and it will always still be a rock. Unless some force applies intelligent design theory to it over time. Hmmmmmm......

Well, I disagree with your assessment, Michael . . . One doesn't PROVE scientific theories . . . One attempts to DISPROVE them . . . But I appreciate your engagement in the discussion.

Love the pictures of man's works. Only man can make a bridge.

True. Has anyone DISPROVEN the alternate theory of intelligent creation?

Neither theory we discussed has been proven or disproven, so assailing those of one or the other theories is not a good practice for the open and thinking mind. Thats my only point.

I enjoy your observations and find I share in 99% of your views. Just noticed some "blue state" tinged transgressions I thought you might like to be made aware of.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one, and am glad your cat came home safely. Keep up your good work here.

Intelligent creation is not a scientific theory. It is a faith-based theory, which has no place in a scientific curriculum. I do appreciate your comments, Michael, and thank you for your civility in expressing your disagreement with my thinking and your kind thoughts about a pussycat. All best to you.


I think you are wrong to state it is not a scientific theory. The big-bang theory of the universe very much plays into the theory of intelligent design. And you can't find a scientist alive or dead who can show or explain what would cause slugs to jump across species and genera boundaries to become human. In fact, I don't think there is any case evidence of any jump across species boundaries in the anals of evolution or natural selection. There is evolution and natural selection within species, but not into another. Point me to the documentation if I am wrong, because I am not a scientist.

However, I will need to do some research on it's basis as a scientific theory and get back to you. It may take me some time.

In the meantime, be open-minded to those who "theorize" differently, but stay "red".

I think it is fair to say that the only way one could believe in ID as a viable alternative to evolution is to be profoundly ignorant of both. ID is a made up idea with zero supporting evidence, only unfounded speculation. Evolution is a sound scientific theory that has been reinforced with every later discovery. ID has nothing to do with science, fact or truth. It is a cheap way to get across the message "god did it" without mentioning the name. First you prove the existence of god, then we can talk about what he may or may not have done. Cart before the horse and all that...

"Has anyone DISPROVEN the alternate theory of intelligent creation?"

Of course no one has 'disproven' ID. It CAN'T be disproven. This is why it isn't a valid scientific hypothesis in the first place. The 'barrier to entry' in a scientific debate is that your hypothesis must have a clearly modeled 'false' state. i.e. it must be Falsifiable.

The only way to ‘prove’ ID false is to ask the Intelligent Designer.

And around and around we go.....

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