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November 10, 2004


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Or, as we continue to learn the hard way, "Freedom isn't free"

Krijg het rollen

Right on, EagleSpeak. And thank you so much, Adam. Could anything be cooler? :)

That honestly sounds like a babelfish translation or something of the sort.

I would translate it with something like "Aan het werk" or something like that. There is no good translation that stays close to the english sentence AFAIK.

Check this out, Adam and Frank:

Let's translate!

Another point: "Will the majority of live-and-let-live Dutch finally get it that the Islamists don't want them to live?"

95% of Dutch muslims are peace-loving citizins, who are becoming more and more integrated with Dutch society. There is, however, a small group of people, who fail to become a part of Dutch society, and start to become fundamentalist. It is very hard to see where a normal muslim starts and where a voilent fundamentalist begins.

Secondly, since the death of Pim Fortuyn, two years ago, extreme right-wing elements have become more active. Some of them you could easily call facists. It's those people who now set fire to mosques and islamic schools. And, yes, it scares me. Fortunatly, it has been quiet for two days now, but this society is still searching for the right answer to this.

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