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November 27, 2004


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When I first moved in here, Nardo had never been an outdoor cat. He was a very cautious and deliberate cat. Then, he slowly eased outside and went exploring. He didn't come home until 3AM, and I was awfully scared.

I hope Baby makes it back.

Best of luck. It is every pet owner's nightmare.

And the last thing you need on top of that is to be link-spammed.

I am holding out hope that Baby returns to you soon.

Hang in there.

My Dolly made an escape from the house early one morning as I was getting ready for work. I was about to call into work and tell them I wasn't coming in until I found her when I made one more trip outside to look. I was lucky enough to find her but it was the longest hour of my life. My heart goes out to you. I'll pray that the Babe shows up, tired and hungry, but alive.

Jeez, sorry Sissy.

Don't give up on Baby, Sissy.

Check out these two sites:

Missing Pet Network


MPN has great info on what you can do to try to locate Baby. A nationwide network (sponsored in part by the USDA) it also has a Lost and Found listing.

Keep looking! I will send some good thoughts and say a prayer for her safe return.


Great news Sissy.

Glad Baby came back!

Glad to hear the good news. I once had a cat gone for several days, but she came back none the worse for wear.

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