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November 30, 2004


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I think something did happen on or about the 26th. See chart for monkeywatch.blogspot.com and for hobbyblog.blogspot.com. In both cases the number of links declines but the rank improves.

The TigerHawk chart also follows that pattern. I had a steady upward progression in links, less so in rank, and then a precipitous decline. I think something strange is going on. It may be, though, that the steady upward progression in links during the last couple of months was the strange part, and that we are seeing something closer to reality now.

Thanks, everyone, for your empathetic comments. Misery loves company. It looks like there really IS a bug lose in the TTLB Ecosystem. New Zealand Bear reports:

As many of you may have noticed, the Ecosystem is having some issues over the past few days. I'm working to resolve them, but for now, please have patience.

My greatest fear is that when the bugs in the Ecosystem are exterminated, my relevance there may be lessened even further!

Well, now, that might 'splain why my ranking dropped to Adorable Little Rodent. Although, my husband thinks
"adorable" only begins to describe me, but he's sort of prejudiced that way :D hmmmm...Your chart resembles mine, up and then a sudden drop at the same time. Looks like there might be a glitch in the system somewhere.

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