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November 29, 2004


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Sisu: I don't have the dimmest idea about this subject. All I can do is wish you the best for your blog, along with my prayer for all of the family. God bless always. :)

Take a look at my chart; much like your own. A couple of days ago the Ecosystem said that I was at the tail END of Marauding Marsupials... almost back to a Microbe, I tell you!

Yesterday I put the now-requisite TTLB ranking back up my site [I don't see one on your sidebar] and today I'm pretty high up on the list of Large Mammals!?!
S'plain that one to me, especially since the MuNus haven't linked me yet...

SO... do we really have the facts, ma'am? Something is skewed in blog-land... ;)

Thanks, everyone, for your empathetic comments. Misery loves company. It looks like there really IS a bug lose in the TTLB Ecosystem. New Zealand Bear reports:

As many of you may have noticed, the Ecosystem is having some issues over the past few days. I'm working to resolve them, but for now, please have patience.

I am showing your blog last updated 11/4, think your blog isn't pinging Weblogs.com which would be a problem with your blog software. I emailed you how to manually ping http://pingomatic.com/ when you post as a workaround. Check your admin settings and see if you have something like update services to ping http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ which pings all the big update services. Checking Jay's blog cause the B4B blogroll is too long to check, it shows you last updated 11/30, however Jay linked http://sisu.typepad.com/sisu/ Perhaps that is the one pinging the update services.


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