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November 01, 2004


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Thanks for the link! That's really nice of you. My oroginal post, I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT MEN, certainly hit a nerve. Lucianne linked it and I had my best day ever! Thanks again.

My pleasure, Kitty. :)

Ironic that this post is in the "Idiotarianism" (this term is about as useless as "NASCAR dad") category. Glad that we're talking about such important stuff on the eve of the election. Keep it up.

It's the character, stupid (nothing personal).

You're absolutely right. It IS the character.


Soft men are useless? -What about soft women then? It's funny to see a guy like Schwarzenegger become Governor. He's a muscle guy with no brain and no acting talents. He cant even do english. And then you have this cowboy Texas guy as President. Here in my country we love to mock your ridiculous government, it's a like a really dumb soap opera. And you know what; the current American politics are really very outdated.

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