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November 20, 2004


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He had to have an excuse, so that's the one he pulled out at that moment. Today might be different; he is, after all, the "flipper". Quite different from the "Gipper". :)

He's like all the other liberals who just can't understand that their guy lost, especially to "someone like W".
AND complaining non-stop to anyone who will listen, thus all the sky-high psychologist bills.

I wish them all good mental health. ;)

It seems that Kerry will go to any lengths to blame anything except himself for his loss in the election. Reminds me of when he fell down snowboarding and blamed the Secret Service guy who accompanied him (or, as Kerry called him, that "son of a b***h").

I like that you point out the arrogance of "our betters in the political class." If only we in the electorate were as smart, sophisticated, well-informed as they are, why, of course we'd recognize their inherent superiority and shower them with the acclaim they're so entitled to!

What a crock. Bush won on the security issue (bin Laden tape or not) and he won on the personal character issue. Kerry got knocked down by a stand-up guy, plain and simple. But it doesn't surprise me that he's unable to recognize it.

Eloquently put, Vanuatu. I agree with your every word. :)

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