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November 28, 2004


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My wife and I felt your pain - Our own cat, Frank, went missing for a week last February and we thought he was lost forever. Glad to hear Baby made it back in 14 hours. Whew!

Thanks so much for your note, Barry. Cats never fail to amaze.

Feline felicitations. If you are getting the nor' easter that we are today, he made it back just in time.

Just a bit of wind and overcast here so far. Lots of crashing surf on the far shore. Rain predicted later on this afternoon.

That's terrific!

And for the record, I've never gone missing for a week....


I keep threatening our cats that I'm going to get one of those keyfinder units. I'd latch the keyfinder tags to their collars (and force Nardo and Piper to wear theirs 24/7, which they hate) and then BUZZ them to find them outside.

Luckily, Nardo never strays far, and he always comes when called.

You always make me LOL, Frank. Thanks so much, everyone who left a note or two, for your empathy and -- in the Prop's aptly and affably alliterative arrangement -- feline felicitations.

I hate making them wear collars, but one is tempted, as you note, Larry. They are outdoor cats only when we visit my father Down East. At home they are tethered, which carries its own set of dangers, including the time Tiny was grabbed by the neck and shaken by a nervous raccoon. Untethered, she would have easily gotten away. Fortunately, Tuck heard the ruckus, and we intervened in time, although Tiny lost one of her fangs (a proud battle scar).

Your wayward Baby reminded me of the late 2Kitty, an indoor cat whose wanderlust was strong, causing me no end of fretting when he would disappear or 24 hours or more, only to reappear, often the worse for wear. I have composed a short verse in Baby's honor, about these mysterious adventures that cats obviously enjoy. I suspect they serve a higher cat purpose.

Wayward Cats

So where do cats go, when they just go away,
By darkest of night or by bright light of day?
Attending their business with no "by-your-leave,"
Condemning their "owners" to worry and grieve—
They saunter back home with not even a hint
Of what they have done save a mischievous glint,
Perhaps with some scratches, but home with the dawn,
Protecting the secret of where they have gone.
We'd like to forget, but cats do what they do
And patiently teach us what yet remains true:
For all of their wanderings demonstrate that
The simple truth is that no man owns a cat.

Jeffrey Hull, Copyright 2004
By permission

The Babe came home! ::dancing the dance of joy::

How sweet it is.

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