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October 28, 2004


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He got the URL right and spelled my name with a U instead of a W.

I registered the domain that morning and assembled the page from archives, of course. I don't think the NYT would directly link a site called isfullofcrap.com, and it needed its own domain.

You're right. They reserve the isfullofcrap.com domain for themselves. :)

Spoken like a true feline philosopher.

It's "just nice" and "brings people together" [can you say United Nations pipedreams?]

It's a Small World After All...
<gunshot, scream following>

blech! hairball time...

Hear, hear.

My kittens weren't even my idea to get (that idea came from my gf at the time), but I fell in love with them the instant we saw the tiny, friendly, incredibly beautiful little miracles at the airport freight counter where they were sent from the breeder in Seattle. They were not bothered at all by the flight, but got right out and starting walking around the counter, playing on the keyboard and exploring the hidden recesses of the brochure-holders. I was stricken by the irrational worry something might happen to them on the short car drive home and dazed by the idea that anything so precious could belong to me, and three years later I've never really lost that feeling.

It really is all about the feline.

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