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October 03, 2004


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Can't wait to see how John Edwards will choose to play the Lieberman role on Tuesday evening. A notorious millionaire ambulance-chasing lawyer before his born-again phase as a condescending populist feeler of our pain, he is predicted to go the trial-lawyer route. We loved that in Perry Mason, but when it comes to national leaders, we prefer the Cheney/Lieberman kind of tough love that treats us as responsible, independent fellow citizens rather than irresponsible, dependent wards of the state.

As we learned when Kerry's thoughtful analysis demolished Bush's scripted talking points in Miami.

Can you be more specific, Andrew? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Enjoy your bounty of visitors!

Thanks, darling girl. xxxooo

High rhetoric will be expected of Edwards. Nothing else will suffice against Cheney, a man who has actually run the White House staff, the Defense Department, and a large corporation.

Cheney rules, big time!

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