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October 02, 2004


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I don't know about the ecosystem; once I hit mammal I took the link off my site and never looked back. It just doesn't matter. Well, to me anyway. ;)

ANYway, sometimes there are burps in the system, and that's what it sounds like is happening...

Photoshop is so.much.smarter than I am, but I've never had it hang up on me. It did ask me to get it a coke and some baby gherkins once. Thought that was odd.

Sorry... it's just a silly Saturday! :)

I've dropped some 1500 places recently and I note that TLB is showing about a third of the links that Technorati does for me. I suspect it's related to his server problems which I understand are not fully resolved.

Oh. So maybe it wasn't something I said/wrote, after all? :)

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