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October 05, 2004


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That idea might have come from Mexico. For about two years now, opponents of President Vicente Fox have been claiming that he lives in "Foxilandia" i.e. a dream world sort of Disneylandia (Spanish way of saying Disneyland). Actually I've found several instances in which Mexican communists and American democrats use the same spinning tactics, and sometimes they even try to explode a meme simultaneously. But most people, even a lot in the left, don't pay any attention to that Foxilandia thing that the commies thought was going to be a great hit. Same with calling fox a "cowboy" (yes, in English) or a "vaquero" same Spanish word, obviously stolen from the Bush meme. It didn't affect Fox in the minimum to call him that way. On the contrary, for most Mexicans a cowboy is someone you can depend on, even if he's not very bright. Interesting.

Fascinating, Miguel. Woopie ti, yi, yi, going my way, back in the saddle again.

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