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October 08, 2004


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I've always assumed a certain civilization gap. Not that ours is better, just very different.

Thus our conflicts, why and how we choose them and our methods of battle are unlike in nature... Though on the surface we are all alike, each look closer reveals markedly distinct attributes relating to culture.

Of course that's just my [very] broad [uninformed] opinion. I'm probably way off base. And you can call me prejudiced; all that means to me is that I have an opinion. ;)

You're right, I think. We are deep down the same, all seeking affirmation of our worthiness. Our upbringings, our cultures, skew us this way or that, and there are such things as pathological cultures.

Arabs had years of Light any educated person knows well (In Al Andalus, where the arab civilization led the renaissance of Europe). If the Arabs did not preserve the teachings of ancient Greece, they would have been lost forever. The Arabs once were the most shining civilization of the Middle East. Leading figures in the west have wrote about this.
Instead of saying that Arabs are "greedy, barbarous and cruel" remember in the same movie and I am quoting: "Kordoba had two miles of public lighting, when London was a village. Yes you were great, time to be great again my King".

Please remember the Spanish inquisition and the painful torture and death for saying simple words. and that was less than 500 years ago! decandence and fall are inherent in the cycles of evolution of Nations.
When someone says "Greedy, barbarous and cruel" bc the Bedouin did not smile back at him. for Gods Sake HIS land was taken at that time!!!!

Tolerance and acceptance of diversity is the first sign of civilization. If someone is not born with it, he needs to READ HISTORY and acquire it.

Law Student, Yale.

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