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October 24, 2004


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Thanks for the write up. I like your tagline ("Kerry Lied, Geese Died") better.

There is a line in the "Winter Soldier" testimony that mentions body counts.

"We watched the U.S. falsification of body counts, in fact the glorification of body counts. "

This before I heard that Kerry claimed everybody (4 people) got a goose, but there are only 3 geese.

You just can't parody these people fast enough.

Tim McNabb

I congratulate you on the most hilarious scenario I've seen in a long, long time.

Done with excellent taste and attention to details, you captured exactly what Kerry was like in role when he was a Winter Soldier.

I appreciate being able to do my part by watching and letting others who see him a fool, watch this too. Endless thanks to you for creating it.

Carol: Please note that Tim McNabb is the author of "Swift Geese Veterans for Truth." Thanks for stopping by. :)

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