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October 25, 2004


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Personally, I would have found the story laughable even if it had been true. Loony left liberals have been telling us for months that since we didn't find huge stockpiles of WMDs that there was no justification for the war in Iraq, that the war was a huge mistake, that Saddam Hussein was no threat to us. Yet now they would have us believe that 380 tons of CONVENTIONAL high explosives are some kind of huge threat to us? Could you silly people please keep your story straight?

Keep in mind that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had about 600,000 TONS of munitions stashed around the country, about 50 pounds worth for every man, woman and child in Iraq. You could not swing a dead cat in Iraq and not hit something explosive, but of course, Saddam was no threat to anyone (because he apparently no longer had WMDs, which we only discovered after the fact). Riiiiiiight.

The bigger story here is that mainstream media sources like the New York Times are now willing to publish any fabrication if they think it will help Kerry win this election. Walter Duranty, anyone? It's no wonder that Americans' trust of and respect for the MSM is at an all-time low.

Thanks for your great comments, BarCodeKing. For readers' info, here's the dope on Walter Duranty:

Pulitzer-Winning Lies

Code King:

by Walter Duranty, Times Staff writer.... Jayson Blair also contributed to this story.

If I buy a Times and line my birdcage with it, will my budgies turn blue? Enquiring minds want to know. Polly wanna global test?

I'll take some of those LGF posts, too, with a hot compress to help the drainage.

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