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October 19, 2004


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Smack in the middle of posting when the ever-unreliable TypePad goes AWOL again. How can we get any work done, fergossake?

TypePad (Movable Type) is a deeply unsatisfactory service. When it's good, it's very very good, but when out of the blue it suddenly isn't there, there's nothing you can do. We were cut off this morning in the middle of blogging and have been helpless for over an hour. When you write a "help" ticket (once the service is available again), they ask, with a sunny smile, "Is everything okay now?" Gak city. 'Wish we had enough get-up-and-go to just get out of here and subscribe to another service.

There's always Blogger...

Semi-kidding, although Google has gotten it light-years beyond what it used to be.

Latest news is that we may be able to get some vaccine from Canadian sources. I would think that people in their 80s would be high on the list. There is also a hospital around here that is giving flu shots to people who are being admitted (for other issues). Do you think Goomp is up to faking a few symptoms and spending a night in the hospital.

(No, I am not serious.)

Every year's vaccine is a crap shoot when it comes to being effective. Some are closer matches than others, but even the weaker ones provide some protection. There is also an inhaled vaccine out there, although they only recommend it for healthy adults.

Would you like me to nominate you to become a Munuvian? Pixy is a fabulous adminstrator. I moved over from typepad just because of this. I have the old site up until January - but then it will be gone (I paid for my year in advance not knowing all the problems and slow downs that would occur)

Anyhow, email me if you want more info!

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