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October 29, 2004


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Yep, that translation's right.

Thanks, Mark. I also heard from David of Davids Medienkritik. He agreed with you re the suitability of the Google translation but offered two other possibilities, and I've gone ahead and changed it to one of those. :)

Ahh, I misread it. I thought you were going from a German phrase to American, not the other way round, lol. Sorry. :-)

What would Pat Robertson say about the endorsement of BILD?

Even Drudge could have the circulation of BILD if he put topless chicks on his front page.

Do tell, JD. I know nothing of BILD and don't want to know more than I already do about Pat Robertson. Also, you've got something against "topless chicks"? :)

I believe that the "der" phrase would be more apt for the masculine American singular while "die" phrase is Americans - plural. But in either case the point as you desired is made. The important part about BILD is that it is the leading paper by far and is blue-collar oriented. While format and graphic are akin to our National Enquirer (minus the "My Mother was impregnated by Aliens" genre), it is actually shades of People magazine and regular hard-hitting news as pertains to the average worker.

The rationale and impact of BILD's endorsement may not mean much to us, but it does hurt Schroeder's pandering to anti-American rhetoric.

In fact, Schroeder's opinion polling rates have never been so low for a sitting chancellor. I think the party of Helmut Kohl is poised for a comeback, more so in an alliance with Bavaria's Stoiber. This will be interesting to see whether Germany will vote to continue to be France's whore or if they will distance themselves from the Chirac/Schroeder lovefest on their next election.

Thanks, AH-C for all the interesting background. Much appreciated.

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