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September 10, 2004


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It's all about me with the liberal elite. "Look Ma no hands"

Kerry owes no one a apology about what he said about
Vietnam,he only said the truth.I was there in 1968-1969
and I saw it for my on eyes. We were wrong & mean spirited about it.
Dan Smith
Tuy Hoa Vietnam

Dan Smith. Tell me more.

Marsh is a whack job!

Mary Anne Marsh is the greatest thing the Republicans have going for them!! She is supposed to be a Demoncratic strategist supposedly helping and coaching all the big Liberal's like Kennedy (the killer) and Howie Dean (the maniac screamer) on how to win elections. As far as i can tell, she is about 0 fot 2 the last two elections!!! All i can say is keep it up Mary Anne! Your the best thing we have going!!!

Mary Ann Marsh is just another stupid, lying anti-American democrat

I think dan smith should smoke another joint. Maybe then he might remember that he was actually in Canada with many other cowards and not in Vietnam.

i just watched mary anne marsh on
foxnews...talk about being completely "clueless"...has this woman EVER answered a question directly?

I don't understand why you conclude that Kerry's record was all about him. It seems you don't agree with him, and by this standard, any time someone does something that you don't agree with, or understand, it was "all about him." isn't everything then that way?

Is't it possible, particularly considering his mistakes, that he acted out of a deep felt passion and belief, that the action had gone on too long,and that OUR TROOPS, his fellow brothers (even if he did err in trying to describe the hell that he percieved that the war had evolved into) were dying unncecessarily. Why can't as an American he have this view, which differs from yours?

doesn't he have the right to be wrong? And what if he was right? (and whether right or wrong most historians agree with him, btw). doesn't a patriot have the duty to speak up if he has gone to a war for his country, and believes it unjust? in trying to convince congress (none of whom were over there) of the brutalness of it, perhaps he made a mistake, but why can't it be earnest? all indications are that it was very earnest,hearfelt, and passionate.

if this is not the case, when then does a patriot have the duty to speak up? never? if not, then kerry did what he thought was the right thing. if never, that means that the U.S government can never make a mistake when it comes to making the decisiosn to send our soldiers off to face death. And if our government can never make a mistake, then we are no longer a democracy.

Longwindedness can occur at any time, as can holier-than-thou syndrome. As far as I can tell, this how-dare-you-question-my-patriotism thing is just one more straw man created by the party on the left side of the aisle to beat their betters with. Can you please cite reputable thinkers of the right who have ever questioned any fellow Americans' patriotism (the last refuge of scoundrels, 'course?)? It appears to be yet one more example of what Dr. Sanity explains in clinical terms as projection, a psychological symptom of guilt on the part of the projectionist.

Read Ann Coulter's book. Seeing you on Fox News was uneventful!

I used to think Mary Anne Marsh was pretty good looking, but that once soft countenance has been replaced by an angry, bitter, liberal jealousy from attempts to convince America her versions of what 'is, is'. Anne Coulter should teach her about Christianity... it softens the soul.

Ann Coulter teaching someone about Christianity? That's rich. Ann is about the most non-Christian person in politics. You do know she sleeps around and has never been married? or that she had a longterm relationship with pornographer Bob Guccione who owns Penthouse magazine amongst other smut.

Real Christians show compassion and understanding, they don't advocate killing on a daily basis. Real Christians don't lie constantly. Real Christians wouldn't attack the widows of 9/11 victims in order to sell more books.

You guys really need to get out from this isolated right-wing bubble you've created for yourselves, and snap back into reality. Your minds are so warped, you don't even know what a "Christian" or even a "conservative" mean anymore.

Oh, and I wonder if you wingnuts criticizing Kerry's service ever even bothered to serve yourselves, or are you just one more example of a right-wing CHICKENHAWKS who criticize the people who actually do serve their country. It's real easy to talk tough from a keyboard and criticize people like Kerry. Why aren't you serving in this war you claim to support? Back up your big mouthes for once you cowards.

Yawn. I was actually with you on the "Coulter isn't a real Christian" part, until you swerved off the road and got bogged down amidst general barking "chickenhawk" moonbattery.

You know there are countries where it is in fact illegal for civilians to criticise the military don't you? That road has only one destination as can be seen in both history and the world we live in now...

Follow your own overheated suggestion through to its one logical conclusion: no criticism of the military from the civilian community = military state.

Of course I'll throw you a bone and assume you don't really want to live in a society like that, and therefore recommend you spout less and think more rather than accuse you of supporting fascism, which I'd have to do if I was taking your words seriously.

Mary Ann Marsh is at it again. She said recently publicly that Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts was a "sad day" for Massachusetts because the PEOPLE rejected Martha Coakley who was selling Barack Obama's stupidness. It seems that this "pundit" will say anything depending on which way the wind blows.

Can someone tell me whom Mary Anne Marsh has backed that has won a major election. She actually sounds VERY stupid when she appears on tv shows trying to get people to go along with her Liberal views. She goes against everything the majority of the American people want! (Health care, Bailouts, Stimulis ect..) The Dems should be embarrassed if they think she is qualified to be their spokesman!

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