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September 27, 2004


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Very nice post, Sissy. Thanks.

Totally frustrated. Just before 6 a.m. Tuesday, September 28, about to launch my first post of the day, and TypePad ain't working, yet again.

An hour and a half later at 7:30 and still no access to the TypePad program where we compose and post our blog.

It's starting to look inevitable. TypePad is totally unreliable, and we must seek a reliable blogging host.

There's a rhythm to blogging. You blog when the spirit moves you. But TypePad is a totalitarian wall that silences dissent.

Two hours later -- 8 a.m. -- and still no access to my blog editing program. The post I was just about to launch at c. 6 a.m. is languishing somewhere in cyberspace. Good, good incentives to trash TypePad and try out another blogging service.

And there's no way to contact the TypePad folks, as we can't access the editing page where we could register our problem. Cute, huh?

Very informative post, thank you!!

Thank you so much, Dave and Pam.

What a change in values from your childhood. Sometimes I feel that the Commies infiltrated our education system and have produced a generation of non thinkers. However, common sense seems to be rampant in the common people, and we may overcome.

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