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August 27, 2004


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Hubby and I watched the speech last night, and the parallels with today were astounding. What's even more obvious is that Kerry hasn't grown as a human being. He is as he was. How pathetic. :/

Why isn't the video of the 1971 testimony archived at C-SPAN? Copyright issues? Or does it just take time? The 1971 TV interview is up there, as is the Dick Cavett show tape.

Yes, Pam. As Mark Steyn wrote the other day, Mr. Kerry is an unfelicitous combination of strange, stuck-up and stupid. Hello to your hubby!

Hi, Stan. Don't know the answer to your question. I Googled around and found some clips of the testimony at www.wintersoldier.com. Hmmm. Have you tried e-mailing C-Span?

Stan: Check this out: Information Clearing House

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