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August 14, 2004


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LOL. Don't I know it. I once made the mistake of trying to mediate a dispute between Baby and his Cousin Lucie and still have the scars to prove it.

How deceptively sweet he looks! ;)

I fostered a big guy that looked a lot like Mr. Cakes; his name was "R Man" and his preferred sleeping place was the bathroom sink. Go figure. :D

Is he a Maine Coon Cat? He resembles one.I am looking to a adopt if I can find a breeder. Please email if you know one. I had and loved a male that weighed over 20 lbs. We live in the country and he bravely attacked a possum and never recovered from his wounds. He was an inside cat and the one night he got out he picked a fight. George had the most delightful independent and playful personality. My husbund taught him to fetch.

Your George sounds magnificent, and I agree that Baby Cakes has something of the Maine Coon about him, but he is actually a "Chelsea Gray," my husband's designation. He and his sister, Sweet Tiny Pea, were born in our attic of a feral medium-hair gray beauty named Sweet Pea and the love of her life, Sluggo, a short-hair tabby pussycat who was the neighborhood alpha male. There could well be some Maine Coon in there somewhere, but Baby and Tiny didn't come with papers. :) Here is a picture of mom, pop and uncle (scroll down):

The Little House

Re finding a Maine Coon Cat of your own, I suggest you start with the Cat Fanciers' Association breed profile and follow links (also, Google at will, if you're so inclined) to find breeders:

Maine Coon Cat Breed Profile

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