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August 23, 2004


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Just one correction: Though I was in the Air Force during the very end of the "Vietnam Era", and am considered a Vietnam Era veteran, I was never in Vietnam. Though obviously I served with, and know, many who were.

Thanks, Frank. I have added that info to the post.

I served 64-'68 in Korea, definitely VietNam era service. When I left the Korean DMZ for the last time, to muster out at Ft Lewis, I came into America through Seattle-Tacoma International, where I was accosted by sign-waving 'peace protesters', one of whom spat on me as I walked in my AG-44s (dress green uniform).

Kerry IS an icon for all the ugliness, all the self-doubt, all the opprobrium we received all these years. NO, I wasn't IN Viet Nam, but that didn't matter much to the people who vented their hatred and disgust on US!

Kerry deserves all the truth he's stirred up. Shame on you, John Kerry! America is better than you'll ever know!

Retrans from Khurkris:

Kerry has given a face to what VN Vets have endured. He is the physical personification of all of the looks we have endured. All of the heads that were shaken when some one read our job application. All of the looks of fear or mistrust received when our service in VN had surfaced in a conversation. How each has felt when the comment "..another Viet Nam vet..." is made. He is the living face of that. He testimony on national television planted those demons in the mind of America and the world.

That is who John Kerry is.

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