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August 25, 2004


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Hmmm - I know a guy who was Regular Army during the Vietnam War - he was stationed in Italy. When I see him next, I'll have to ask him why he betrayed his country... or not... Sheesh - they can NOT be serious!!!!

I just watched you on "Hannity & Colmes" and find you to be disgusting. My god, how do you look at your self in the mirror. Why! I spent two tours and as Naval Aviator in Vietnam. I hear Kerry in 1971 and he became a traitor in 1971...He betrayed his fellow comrades in arms. I had comrades in arms in “Hanoi Hilton” who hear the commitment made by the Kerry/Jane Fonda accusing us as a Warmongers, “Genghis Khan” and burners of villages. Do you even know what the POWs experience in Vietnam? This is not about Vietnam but the continuation of betrayed by this man since 1971. The war was questionable and yes, the man served, but later betrayed us with his statements in 1971 and has continued as a traitor by his voting record in congress as the “Senator from Massachusetts."

You make me sick, Mary Anne Marsh. Your lies are disgusting. You betrayed America, and you keep it up daily...If we do get attacked again, I hope it's you whom they kidnap....You really are a piece of work.

As a Korean War era US Marine I find it deplorable for Mary Anne Marsh to pass judgement and make remarks about any Military serviceman or woman regardless of party, people like her and others that never wore a uniform, served in any contributing war organization, or actually speak from actual proven facts, only bring out their true identity and those that they represent... smell the roses Mary: Hate talk is about to get a back seat, and your type become the has beens of This great country, fortunately you and your type still have the enemies of this country to console you, so take pleasure in knowing this Ole Marine finds you out of step with the true Real Americans of this country and soon you will find you are all alone and no one wants to see or hear you. Former proud US MARINE Joe Cullen

I cannot understand how Alan Colmes can sit there and listen to his fellow democrats talk so stupid. I served 4 years in the USAF but was never sent to Vietnam. I want to apologize to my country for betraying it by not going to Vietnam. Now I see why the returning soldiers were treated so badly when they got back in the States, and it was because of people like Mary Anne Marsh. John Kerry owes all Veterans an apology for what he did after he returned from Nam, and he owes us another apology for having a person as stupid as Mary Anne Marsh represent him on a panel.

Even an apology from Kerry would never change my mind about the best person to be president, GEORGE W BUSH. This just shows how desperate Kerry is right now.

Mary Anne Marsh is not American and should not have any free rights! What an terrible woman with very poor views on her country. Maybe Mary Anne Marsh should move to another country and realize what a great country this is. But you know freedom never comes for free.

It's really difficult to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person. This Mary gal must be twins or a direct clone of Jane Fonda. They are both pretty dangerous people.
I served 8 years in the Army during the Viet Nam conflict. I also have two brothers who served as well. My father as well as his brother are decorated WW11 veteran, two uncles served in Korea and many other family members fought in wars on foreign soil.
Had I known I was protecting people like Mary, Jane, & John, I probably would have thought twice. They are a total disgrace to the American way of life.

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