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August 09, 2004


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Saw a squirrel yesterday, 9-28-08, in Millbrae CA with a nub of a tail, about one inch long and not fuzzy. Some lady, on the web, saw some in Michigan also.

Just saw a ring tail squirrel in my yard. He is a large, dark, gray squirrel with black on his face and black rings on his large bushey tail. We have a lot of regular gray squirrels and a solid black squirrel has been spotted near by. This is the first ring tail. I live in the central part of Georgia.

I live in downtown Toronto and just glimpsed a grey squirrel with grey/white ringed tail. No pic, unfortunately, and it was such a brief glimpse, but to me it looked exactly like the pic above. Definitely was not a Bassariscus astutus.

I live in Haverhill,Massachussetts and for the first time yesterday looking out my window in the tree was a ringtailed squirrel beautiful long pale gray tail with stripes on it and a gray body !I've never seen one around here before and also have never seen any black squirrels either until about 3 months ago when I saw one for the first time I was so amazed !

just saw this ring tailed squirrel in chicago. apparently its normally located around the pacific coast central of mexico!

I just photographed and wrote up a blog article on a ring-tailed squirrel that showed up in my yard in Ohio. I managed to get a few, high-resolution photos of it (see http://my.opera.com/debplatt/blog/ring-tailed-squirrel and http://my.opera.com/debplatt/blog/guessing-game ). I've never seen such a thing before, and I came here because I was googling to try to find out more about this unusual coloration pattern.

Deb: Wonderful photos! Thanks for the links.

You mentioned the rings are visible only from certain light angles. Reminded me of how all cats are tiger-patterned, even black cats, whose tiger markings show up in direct sunlight. Hmmm. I wonder if ALL squirrels are ring-tailed?

I saw a black and white squirrel yesterday in Waterdown Ontario. It had a white stripe down it's back, a black tail, and a white tip on the end of his tail. Never seen anything like it before.

Hi - we live in Central MN (St. Cloud) - and we have been seeing a ring-tailed squirrel in our yard for the past week. At first glance (when you can't see its body) it looks like a racoon is in your yard! But then out it scoots, and you see it is a squirrel! Craziest thing I ever saw! But following all the blog posts on here, I see they are being sited around the northern central states more frequently as well!

I saw a ring tailed squirrel for the first time today. I live near Baltimore, Maryland. It was an eastern gray squirrel, but this group was very red. It has a gray tail with some reddish fur but prominent dark rings you could see in any light. All the other squirrels in the area were red and gray. The local squirrels have been getting redder the last 2 years I assume its genetic population shift.

A white squirrel was a celebrity on campus at Tufts University in Boston in the mid 1990's. I remember jet black squirrels in a park in Manhattan in the early 80's.

ring-tailed squirrel killed on highway, Orchard Park, NY, 7-17-12 Photo available.

Just saw a ring tailed gray in my front yard. I live in Delaware and this is the first time I've seen one. (I'm 57 years young).

Cool. Nature is full of wondrous surprises. Thanks for your comment! :)

Cool. Nature is full of wondrous surprises. Thanks for your comment! :)

Interesting. I took a picture of one in my Olympia, Washington yard this morning. It only has three rings close to where the tail is attached to the body.

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