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July 20, 2004


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Power to the Blogs, Sissy!

The Blogs may yet keep us a free USA in spite of the fascist media's tremendous effort to subvert freedom to enhance their power to control our thinking.

For once, the media actually WANTS Churchill to be right... The words "pathetic" and "ridiculous" come to mind.

Michael Ledeen refers to the old Media, meaning Time, Newsweek, NYT, etc., in discussing news of Iran. Thankfully we can see the growing influence of the new Media of which you are apart. It offers hope for the future.

The NY Times did have a story about it in the paper edition that I got, buried on page A16 -- damn, and I had put my money on A15! I talked about what a shabby article it was over at http://gamebro.blogspot.com . It's really ridiculous.

The reason he has a lawyer and the reason he and the lawyer has "fessed up" so fast is because he was caught;

1. on CCTV security camera, or,

2. searched going out of the door.

My money's on the CCTV

Please check out Chris Muir's excellent cartoon for today on the topic......find it at:


You'll find Chris irreverent brand of humor fits nicely with many bloggers view of the world!

Thanks, and I know. He's on my blogroll at right, a daily must-read. :)

"...what we call quality journalism, and our readers call it crap."

Seems as though the NY Times is out to prove this point by saying that Sandy "Lumpy Pants" Berger returned all of the documents. According to some of the reports I read, he destroyed some of them.

Archives: Mr Berger, is that a confidential document in your pants?
Lumpy: That all depends on what your definition of 'pants' is.

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